Upcoming Sports Week

It is to inform you that few observations have been made from previous experiences of 2022 sports week; which should not be repeated this year. Kindly read following instructions/SOPs and disseminate in the students of your respective class.

  • Students should meet Event Organizers for various competitions and register their names; however in case of limited number of participants as decided by the sports event head/Cmtt they may have to go through audition/trials before the finalization of their names
  • All the participants should accept the decisions made by the respected Judges and should not challenge their decision
  • All the participants and the students should behave and should not violate the discipline otherwise disciplinary action will be taken by the administration
  • The Faculty who are involved in any competition should act unbiased and keep themselves emotionally detached from the participants/teams
  • Faculty patrons should not try to influence/confront the Referees or Judges for any competition
  • Faculty members are requested to please allow students for audition/trials/ practice and as evidence of their activities the students should provide them the signed slip from the respective event incharge
  • Punctuality should be observed (students). Daily attendance will be marked by the designated faculty from dental college
  • Students should dress up decently preferably in their sports kit
  • For students Stalls days/dates will be announced one week ahead of sports week

Please participate with enthusiasm and spirit for this annual sports week. I will be highly obliged by your cooperation, involvement and time.


s. no Names Dept SPORTs week Events/competitions
1. Dr Sobia,

Dr Azka


Oral pathology


Table tennis-Girls
2. Dr Maryum Saeed Ullah Dental materials Poster & Flower arrangement competition
3. Dr Sana Tariq Ortho Singing
4. Dr Ambreen Gul

Dr Naufal Nadeem

Biochemistry Naat & Qirat-Girls & Boys
5. Dr Shazana Rana Pharmacology Athletics & Tug of war-Girls
6. Dr Shahan

Dr Uzair Riaz





7. Dr Kiran Rasheed DM Essay writing
8. Dr Rabia salman OB Throw ball-Girls
9. Dr Sadia Israr Patho Videography
10. Dr Maimoona OMFS Urdu Debates
11. Dr Ayesha Zafar Physiology Badminton-Girls
12. Dr Maria Rabbani CD English debates
13. Dr Amna Riaz

Dr Zuleikha

DM Cricket -Girls
14. Dr Faizan Munir

Dr Zerlis



BaitBazi & Mushaira
15. Dr Adam khan

Dr Naveed Ahmad



16. Dr Haseeb Ortho Table Tennis-boys
17. Dr Izhar Perio Athletics-boys
18. Dr Faiqa Hassan

Dr Rabia salman

OM Dramatics
19. Dr shahreen zahid khan DM Basket Ball -Girls
20. Dr Hamza Amanat Prostho Basketball-Boys


Time Events

3rd March 2023 (Friday)

(HITEC IMS Lecture Hall)

0900-1200 Hrs Essay Writing
12th March 2023 (Sunday)
0900-1500 Hrs Badminton (till Semi Finals, Boys & Girls) (Badminton Court)
0900-1500 Hrs e-Gaming (Tekken, FIFA) (Boys Common Room)

13th March 2023 (Monday)

(HITEC S&C Sports Ground)

0830-1030Hrs Inauguration
1030-1300 Hrs


Poster Competition

Flower arrangement

(HITEC-IMS, Lecture Hall)

Basketball (Girls) till final

Cricket Matches (boys) (06 overs each) 

4 x quarter finals

Tug of war Boys (Quarter Finals)

Futsal Matches (boys) (20 min half)

4 x quarter finals

(Cricket and futsal matches will be played alternately)

1500-1530 Hrs Tug of war girls (Quarter finals)
1530-1600 Hrs


·         50 Meters

·         4 x 50 Meters Relay

·         Three legged

·         Sac Race

14th March 2023 (Tuesday)

(HITEC S&C Sports Ground)

Time Event
0830-1130 Hrs Badminton (Finals, Boys & Girls)

Tug of war – Girls (Semifinals)

Table tennis – Girls

Tug of war – Boys (Semifinals)

Table tennis – Boys

0830-1400 Hrs Cricket Matches (Semi-finals, Boys)
1400-1600 Hrs

Cricket Match (Faculty vs Staff)

1400-1700 Hrs Futsal Matches (Semi Finals, Boys)
0830-1700 Hrs Throwball-girls(Till Final)

15th March 2023 (Wednesday)

(HITEC S&C Sports Ground)

Time Events
0830-1100 Hrs Cricket Match (boys) Final

Tug of war Girls Final

1100-1300 Hrs Futsal Match (boys) Final
1300-1400 Hrs Faculty Races

Cricket – Girls

Three matches (4 teams)

Tug of war Boys Final

Athletics-Boys (one participant from each class)

·         100 Meters

·         200 Meters Relay

·         400 Meters Race

·         Three-legged Race


(Musharraf Auditorium, HITEC)

Qirat and Naat Competition – Boys and Girls

(One participant from each class)

16th March 2023 (Thursday) (Musharraf Auditorium, HITEC)


Time Events
0830-1130 Hrs Urdu Debates (Two participants from each class)
1130-1330 Hrs English Debates (Two participants from each class)
1330-1400 Hrs Prayer Break
1400-1530 Hrs Bait Bazi
1530-1730 Hrs Urdu Mushaira
1730-1900 Hrs Singing Competition (Two participants from each class)

17th March 2023 (Friday) (Musharraf Auditorium, HITEC)

Time Events
0930-1200 Prize distribution
1230-1330 Hrs Lunch (HITEC S&C Sports Ground)
1330-1400 Hrs Prayer break
1430-1830 Hrs Dramatics
1830-1930 Hrs Closing speech by Principal & Champions trophy
1930-2130 Hrs Musical event by students