Institutional Review Board


Ethics is the founding principle of medical research across all of its disciplines. The researchers have a duty of care extending to the patient, professional colleagues, and to the society as a whole. Here, at Dental college, HITEC-IMS, we work as a team to ensure and uphold the integrity of the research and the decision- making process of IRB.


  1. Will be responsible for guidance, review and approval of research proposals as per standard format for ethical issues before start of any research work submitted individually, through Research advisory committee;
  2. Will keep a record of all proposals submitted for approval.
  3. Will follow up on approved researches.
  4. Will review IRB policies, practices and procedures annually with research advisory committee.

Members of Committee

Dr. Shazana Rana (Associate Dean Basic Sciences, HOD Pharmacology)

Prof. Dr Beenish Qureshi (HOD Operative Dentistry)

Dr. Maria Rabbani – (Assistant Professor Department of Community Dentistry)

  1. Dr. Ambreen Gul (Associate Professor & HOD, Department of Biochemistry)
  2. Dr. Amir Rafiq (Assistant Professor & HOD, Department of Prosthodontics
  3. Dr. Wajeeha Javed (Assistant Professor & HOD Department of Periodontology)
  4. Dr. Fatima tuz Zahra – Preventive & Dental Public Health
  5. Dr. Muhammad Husnain (Assistant Professor, Department of Orthodontics)
  6. Dr. Shahzonia Tariq (Senior Registrar, Department of Orthodontics)
  7. Major (R) Azhar Iqbal – Advocate
  8.  Miss Syeda Kainat Fatima (Biostatistician)
  9. Prof. Dr. Shahid Saleem (Consultant)
  10. Prof. Dr. Sadaf Mumtaz (External Member)


Record Keeping of Submitted Proposals

  • Research proposal will be submitted for numbering to the office of Dr.Sadaf Mumtaz, Dept of Physiology, 2nd floor Basic Sciences building.
  • After numbering the proposal will be collected by IRB.
  • The proposal will be reviewed for formatting by IRB. If the format is correct it will be filed in relevant IRB folder. If the format is incorrect the proposal will be returned for revision and resubmission.
  • IRB meeting will be held on first Tuesday of the month for discussion of submitted proposal.
  • ION with properly defined meeting agenda will be sent to all members, 1 week before the meeting.
  • Confirmation of availability of members along with signatures on receiving of ION  will be taken.
  • Meeting will be held in conference room
  • Record of minutes of meeting will be kept.
  • Hard copy and soft copy of proposal along with the discussion and final approval will be attached  and kept in record.

Follow up of approved researches

  • The researcher will inform  the IRB at the start of the research project.
  • At the middle of the research process the researcher will be called upon for the follow up meeting.
  • IRB will assess whether there is any new information that requires revision of protocol.
  • It will be evaluated whether research continues to satisfy the criteria for IRB approval with special attention to risk assessment and informed consent.
  • At the end of the completion of the project ,report will be submitted to IRB and research cell.

Research Proposal

Sr.No Name of Author


Date of Approval


1 Dr.Faizan Munir Development of Islamic work ethics measurement tool in health professional education in Pakistan. 30-04-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRC/1/4
2 Dr.Syeda Sameen Zehra Rizvi Prevalence of Tooth wear in Permanent Dentition of Older Adults Suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. 30-04-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRC/2/4
3 Dr.Sheraz Ahmed Retention and Attrition of Faculty in a Dental College. 07-06-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRC/3/4
4 Dr.Ayesha Haque Effect on academic performance by learning online through 3D Anatomy atlas versus 2D presentations. 23-05-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRC/1/5
5 Dr.Ayesha Haque Educational utility of 3D atlas to learn anatomy online, a qualitative study. 23-04-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRB/6
6 Dr.Ayesha Haque Low achieving students’ perceptions about learning anatomy at an undergraduate level, a phenomenological study. 23-05-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRB/7
7 Dr.Ayesha Haque High achieving students perceptions about learning anatomy at an undergraduate level, a phenomenological study. 23-05-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRB/8
8 Dr.Ayesha Haque Association of Gender with chronotype in medical and dental students. 23-06-2021 Dental/Hitec/IRB/9
9 Dr.Saman Malik Incidence of Various dental anamolies in population of Taxilla 21-10-2021 Dental/HITEC /IRB/10/12
10 Dr.Ayesha Haque Effect of chronotype on motivation to learn anatomy during first year of dental education 23-10-2021 Dental/HITEC /IRB/11
11 Dr.Ayesha Haque Students preference for anatomy aids to learn during undergraduate dental education 23-07-2021 Dental/HITEC /IRB/12
12 Dr.Nazish Amjad Assessment of skeletal maturity by using Mandibular Second molar calcification 23-11-2021 Dental/HITEC /IRB/13/4
13 Dr.Aamir Rafique Pattern of partially edentate arches among patients presenting in tertiary care hospital in Taxilla 25-11-2021 Dental/HITEC /IRB/14/4
14 Dr.Aamir Rafique Awareness of partial edentulism and options to restore the same among patients presenting at Dental hospital HITEC-IMS, Taxilla 25-10-2021 Dental/HITEC /IRB/15
15 Dr.Shehzonia Tariq Correlation between lateral cephalometric and facial photographic measurements for orthodontic diagnosis in patients with mandibular deficiency 13-01-2022 Dental/HITEC /IRB/16
16 Dr.M.Husnain Clinical Micro-learning environment of post graduate dental institutes of Pakistan 13-01-2022 Dental/HITEC /IRB/17
17 Dr.M.Husnain Research Barriers for faculty members in a private medical and dental college 13-01-2022 Dental/HITEC /IRB/18
18 Dr.Sadaf Mumtaz Assessment of critical thinking and communication skills through flipped classroom 17-01-2022 Dental//HITEC /IRB/19
19 Dr.Saman Malik Difficulties in attending online sessions in Dental College HITEC-IMS during Covid pandemic , a Questionnaire based study 04-02-2022 Dental/HITEC/IRB/20
20 Dr.Saman Malik Faculty preparedness and challenges faced by faculty of Dental Colleges of Rawalpindi during online teaching due to Covid 04-02-2022 Dental/HITEC/IRB/21
21 Dr.Saman Malik DREEM Questionnaire to Evaluate Learning Environment at Dental College HITEC/IMS Taxilla 04-02-2022 Dental/HITEC/IRB/22
22 Dr Wajeeha Jabeen A Cross Sectional study of factors associated with prevalence and progress of dentin hypersensitivity 23-02-2022 Dental/Hitec/IRB/23

Procedure for Ethical Approval

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Flow Chart Ethics Review Procedure

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