Extracurricular Activities Committee


  1. Provide students with lot of interesting and important experiences outside the traditional classroom
  2. A source of developing students’ interest in physical healthy activities
  3. A platform to secure the students’ future, both professionally and socially
  4. Nurtures students’ abilities to work with co-operation, co-ordination, organization and lead towards leadership and team work
  5. Preparing students for future challenges in practical life


  1. The committee manages a wide range of clubs and societies catering for both co-/extracurricular activities. All clubs and societies will be run by students. In-charge of each club /society will supervise the members of that particular club.
  2. Sports week will be organized annually in HITEC-IMS Dental College in the month of March/ April.
  3. List of the clubs societies are here as under:
    1. Literary Club
    2. Arts & Drama Club
    3. Community Services Club
    4. Sports Club

Few activities were conducted in the year 2021 (COVID- 19 Pandemic)


A ceremony of tree plantation took place at Dental College HITEC-IMS on August 10th 2021, as part of “Green Pakistan Clean Pakistan campaign “started by The Prime Minister Pakistan. This project is expected to preserve the atmospheric health. The Principal dental College HITEC-IMS, Vice Principal, Deputy Director, faculty members from Basic and Dental Clinical sciences and students participated in the plantation.
Everyone is encouraged to plant more trees for the revival of forest and wild life resources in Pakistan.


An excursion trip was organized by the committee for 1st Year Students. College faculty has joined the students and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Murree.


HITEC IMS like every year organized its annual sports week from March 13 to 17th with great fanfare providing ample opportunities and level playing field to the students to exhibit their sporting skills. MBBS, BDS and Paramedics were invited to participate.