Student Interest Group


In today’s Era research work has gained an utmost importance. For an institute to flourish, it is important to engage the students in research work and make the research work interesting for them. It will empower them to; Develop passion for research; Think logically; Become self-sufficient learners; develop writing skills and develop the self-confidence in them.


Student Research Mentors: The research mentors (decided in ACM) will,

  1. Discuss and evaluate progress on the student’s research project every three months.
  2. Suggest relevant literature in the field to broaden the student’s knowledge base, a particularly important aspect of the student experience.
  3. Guide student creation of a professional poster and oral presentation.
  4. Establish a project schedule with the student, breaking the larger project into small, accomplishable steps for each project.

Project handling Committee: This committee will,

  1. Proof and approve the final written research report.
  2. Complete an evaluation, assessing the student’s strengths and weaknesses in the project context, evaluating mentoring experience with the student and making suggestions for academic improvement.
  3. The project handling committee will review the research papers written by students.

Members of Committee

      1. Chair: Sohaib Siddique
      2. Members of Committee:
      3. Dr. Ambreen Gul
      4. Dr. Shahreen Zahid Khan
      5. Prof. Dr. Rai Tariq
      6. Dr. Sharaz Ahmed
      7. Dr. Shazana Rana
      8. Dr. Faizan Munir Khan
      9. Dr. Zerlis Nawaz
      10. Dr. Muhammad Hasnain
      11. Miss Syeda Kainat Fatima

Student Representative:

Student representatives will coordinate the research activities between research cell and students through the in charge of student interest group (SIG).

1.  Abdul Nafay Qazi (Final year)
2.  Aaima Kashif (Final year)
3.  M Roushaan Tariq  (3rd year
4.  Palwasha Cheema (3rd year)
5.  Malaika Habib (2nd year)