Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics is a branch of dentistry concerned with the supervision, guidance and correction of malocclusion as well as neuromuscular and skeletal abnormalities of the growing and mature dentofacial structures.

Major responsibilities of orthodontic department include the diagnosis, prevention, interception and correction of all forms of malocclusion of the teeth and associated alterations in their surrounding structures; design, application and control of functional and corrective appliances; guidance of jaw growth and dentition to attain and maintain optimum relationships in physiologic and aesthetic harmony among dental and facial structures.


To provide the highest quality of orthodontic treatment to all patients, teach innovative new techniques to undergraduate students and encourage the learning capabilities of students and cultivate innovative research to improve the quality of orthodontics.

Faculty of Orthodontics

Head of Department

Name : Dr. Waheed Ullah Khan

Designation : Professor and HOD

Qualification : FCPS, BDS, CHP


Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr. Waheed Ullah Khan FCPS, BDS, CHP Professor and HOD
2. Dr. Muhammad Hasnain FCPS, BDS Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Shahzonia Tariq FCPS, BDS Senior Registrar
4. Dr. Sana Tariq BDS, FCPS Registrar
5. Dr. Aymen Babar BDS, FCPS Registrar
6. Dr. Haseeb Alamzeb BDS Demonstrator