General Surgery


General surgery is the science and art of treating injury, deformity and disease using operative procedures. General surgery is frequently performed to alleviate suffering when this is unlikely through medicine alone. Surgical operative procedure may range from minor procedures performed in a physician’s office, to more complicated operations requiring a medical team in a hospital setting. The BDS undergraduate students learn general surgery during third year of the program and are evaluated in the Third professional BDS examination.


Our mission is to ensure that dental graduates will make the bio-psycho-social care of surgical patient there first concern by applying their knowledge and skills in a competent and ethical manner and using their ability to provide leadership to analyze complex situation.


Our objectives :

  1. Development of the graduate as a scholar and a scientist
  2. Development of graduate as a practitioner
  3. Development of the graduate as a professional

On completion of this course the BDS graduate will be able to ;

  1. Apply biomedical scientific principle, method and knowledge to clinical practice.
  2. Apply the principals, method and knowledge of population health and the improvement of health and healthcare to clinical practice.
  3. Apply scientific method and approach to medical research.
  4. Carry out a consultation with a surgical patient
  5. Diagnose and suggest management of common surgical conditions relevant to dental practice.
  6. Communicate effectively with patients and colleagues in medical context.
  7. Provide immediate care in surgical emergencies relevant to dental practice.
  8. Prescribe drugs safely, effectively and economically.
  9. Carry out common practical procedure involve in general care of surgical patients safetly and effectively.
  10. Use information effectively in medical context
  11. Behave according to ethical and legal principles
  12. Reflect, learn and teach other
  13. Learn and work effectively within a multi-professional team
  14. Protect patient and improve care.


Name : Dr. Zafar Iqbal

Designation : Professor & Head of Department

Qualification : MBBS, FCPS

Name Designation Qualifications
Dr. Zafar Iqbal Professor & Head of Department MBBS, FCPS
Dr. Afshan Jamil Registrar BDS, FCPS I