Visitor Research Centre


Coming together is the foundation

Keeping together is growth

Working together is accomplishment


Visitor Research Centre will maintain a log of all the research activities in the institute and will assist anybody from outside the institute who wishes to seek this research work.

Members of Committee

  1. Maryam Saeedullah — Dental Materials (Incharge)


  1. Anyone wishing to bring a visitor/volunteer into research facilities for the purpose of conducting research or other laboratory related procedures must first obtain the approval of their Department Head.
  2. All approvals and regulatory documentation should be in place.
  3. A room should be booked for use during the visit.
  4. An initiation visit should be performed to ensure the investigators and study staff understands the study protocol, that all the operational steps are in place, and that everyone is clear and well trained in their specific roles and responsibilities.
  5. The principal investigator, research staff working on the study and staff from departments that will be involved in the study should be invited to participate in the initiation visit and be available during the visit where appropriate.
  6. During initiation visits the study protocol, protocol procedures, important elements of the running of the study, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and sample preparation and collection should be discussed and queries clarified.
  7. Any documentation required by the research cell that has not already been collected, should be provided.
  8. A written report should be submitted to the principal investigator summarizing what was discussed during the initiation visit.
  9. The written report should be filed in the study report.
  10. A member of the Research Team should seek to address promptly any outstanding actions that arose from the initiation visit.