Alumni Academic Sessions

Alumni Counselling Session by Dr. Sabeen Aymen Bukhari

On 31st August 2023, the HITEC Dental Alumni Council (HIDAC) organized an enriching academic counseling session for alumni members. The session aimed to provide valuable guidance and support to alumni who were interested in furthering their education, exploring new career paths, or seeking academic advice. The event featured a distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Sabeen Aymen Bukhari, an Aesthetic Practitioner, International Speaker, Chairperson at Emirates pathology and Digital Pathology, who shared their knowledge and insights on Genetic Engineering, Patient Interaction, Career Counselling and matters related to Treatment Planning.

Following the presentation, there was an interactive question-and-answer session where alumni had the opportunity to seek personalized advice from the guest speaker. Alumni members asked questions related to choosing the right academic programs, applying for scholarships, balancing work and studies, and transitioning to new careers. The guest speaker provided insightful responses, addressing the concerns of the attendees effectively.

The event not only empowered alumni in their academic and professional pursuits but also strengthened the bond within the alumni community.

Alumni counselling session by dentist Dr Zulfiqar Ali Durrani

The HIDAC Alumni council conducted another learning opportunity in the form of a counselling session by renowned general dentist Dr Zulfiqar Ali Durrani, practicing in Boston, USA. He had a lot to share in regards to clinicians looking to practice in the US, what they can expect from the country and its licensing exams and how they can maintain their work life balance so as to make the maximum of their efforts. He was joined by Dr Fatima, an orthodonotist who practises in well known clinics in Islamabad and Dr Mohtada, who is currently serving as the principal of Watim Dental College.

We would like to extend our warmest regards to all three for making time out of their busy schedule and sharing their experiences with us.