The HITEC-IMS library was established in 2016 and since its inception it served as a focal point in supporting medical education. Library has covered total 5000sqft .Library provides access to current reference materials and provides a quiet, comfortable, and peaceful environment for study. Apart from books on medical, Dental & Paramedical subjects, it has a (wide) collection on non-medical books, subscribed medical journal, general magazine and newspaper. HITEC-IMS library is enrolled with higher education Commission for digital library. Library has provided photocopy and printing facilities. HITEC-IMS Library is open for students and faculty and staff of college from Monday to Friday at following timing:

  • 08:30 to 5:30(Winter) __   Monday to Friday
  • 08:00 to 09:00(summer) __   Monday to Friday


HITEC-IMS library expertly integrate teaching, information, and technology to create dynamic & welcoming learning environments.  We are committed to fostering academic excellence and promoting information literacy within the college. The HITEC-IMS library is a central pillar upon which the college can advance its educational, research, and public-service goals.  By providing outstanding programs and services, we enable library users to turn to us first to find the educational partners, personalized information expertise, and high-quality resources they need to make meaningful connections with each other.


We provide the best possible access to relevant information within a suitable environment. In pursuit of this goal, development efforts revolve on two major thrusts:

  • Development of the library collection focusing on subject areas which support new Academic programs and new areas of research.
  • Computerization of library services for faster access to the library’s information resource


The Library is the backbone of the research and development activities of HITEC-IMS Library. The use of library resources is vital for pursuing study and research. It is an integral part of the college and designed to meet the information, research, and curriculum needs of its students, faculty and staff members. It has comprehensive collections to meet the needs of its users. The library’s holdings include a diverse collection of print, non-print, and computer resources for all to use.

The Library’s mission is to enable the staffs and students of HITEC-IMS Library to engage optimally with the ever changing information environment in order to succeed in their research, learning and teaching goals.

As Librarian of HITEC-IMS Library, I oversee the many dedicated staff who acquire, catalog, preserve, and make available library collections within the library and over the Internet. I am pleased that you are visiting our Web site today, and I invite you revisit to it often. I do hope that everybody would make full use of facilities and services offered.


  • HITEC-IMS library has above 5000 books on different health topics with the requirements of medical studies.
  • 1312 Dental Books are available in library.
  • A significant number of current reference sources are available on the references shelf.
  • Library has a good collection of periodicals (newspapers, Journals & Magazine)
  • Library has 2 daily newspaper (Nawa-i-Waqt, Tribune)
  • 12 generals magazine
  • 10 subscribe medical journals
  • More over to improve reading habits of students, a good  collection of books related to Urdu and  English literature, Religion, Humanities, and social sciences
  • Library membership: all Students, Faculty & Staff is eligible for library membership.
  • Circulation facilities provided to all users.
  • Around 400 books are circulated to all faculty, students & Staff in a month.
  • There are 45 computers with internet facilities provided to library users.
  • The library has free Wi-Fi access to all library users.
  • HITEC-IMS library is in enrolled with HEC for digital library resources.
  • The library has also providing photocopying and computer printing facilities to all students.
  • HITEC-IMS library has also a small seating area in library terrace for relax study experience.
  • HITEC-IMS library has also a small seating area in library terrace for relax study experience.
  • HITEC-IMS library use LIMS (Library Information and Management System) for best possible learning and research environment and support to faculty and students.
  • Library has installed Ten CCTV cameras across different size, stack rooms and study areas for monitoring

HEC Digital Library

HITEC-IMS library is enrolled with Higher Education Commission for digital library resources. HEC provides access to research papers and e-books across a wide range of disciplines. Accesses to nine International Databases are available on HEC Digital Library. HITEC-IMS Library has free access through HEC also provide us 47 free leading international medical journals.


Name Email Designation
Ms. Ateeqa Farzana Chief Librarian
Mr. Said Usman Lib. Assistant
Mr. Naveed Ahmed Lib. Attendant
Mr. Usman Ahmed Lib. Attendant
Ms. Parveen Akhter Computer operator