Faculty Interest Group


  1. Faculty Interest Group will provide mentoring to all the research/academic activities carried out by faculty members.
  2. This group will meet once every three months to see the progress of clinic-pathological conferences, journal clubs and other research activities of the faculty.
  3. This group will make recommendations for appreciation/award of faculty, once their research is published in ISI indexed journals.


Members of Committee

  • Chair: Dr Shahreen Zahid Khan
  • Members:
  1. Zuleikha Malik (Secretary)
  2. Beenish Qureshi (HOD Operative Dentistry)
  3. Shazana Rana (HOD Pharmacology)
  4. Ambreen Gul (HOD Biochemistry)
  5. Maimoona Siddiq (OMFS)
  6. Saman Malik (HOD Oral Biology)
  7. Dr. Rai Tariq (HOD Preventive and Dental Public Health)
  8. Waheed Ullah (HOD Orthodontics)
  9. Amir Rafiq(HOD Prosthodontics)
  10. Wajeeha Javed (HOD Periodontology)
  11. Amna Riaz (HOD Pediatric Dentistry)
  12. Sobia Siddique (HOD Oral Pathology)
  13. Faizan Munir Khan (HOD Dental Education)
  14. Sadia Israr (HOD Pathology)
  15. Maimoona Siddiq (OMFS)
  16. Faiqa Hassan (Oral Medicine)
  17. Sharaz Ahmed (Operative Dentistry)
  18. Muhammad Mudassar (Oral Medicine)


  • Will provide environment and facilitate the growth of research culture amongst the faculty members
  • Periodically develop a strategic plan for research with in the HITEC Dental College faculty.
  • Propose requirements for faculty and resident training in research and provide assistance regarding relevant continuing professional development (CPD) to address these priorities.
  • Identify opportunities for faculty members via cooperation and collaboration between departments within Dental College HITEC-IMS and outside the college.
  • To identify the areas of research based on the existing research work of faculty members


  • The meeting will be chaired by in charge of research interest group at least three times per year but may meet more frequently at the call of chair


  • Terms of reference shall be reviewed every 2 years by the Research Interest group and its members. Final approval will be given by the principal.
  • Agenda shall be collected from the faculty members of faculty interest group and faculty members before every scheduled meeting.