Research Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference for the Research Committee prescribe the following:

  1. The members of Research Committee.
  2. Process of Research Committee meetings.
  3. Objectives of Research Committee.
  4. The Functions of the Research Committee.


  1. The ex officio members are nominated by the virtue of their holding office and will be Research Advisory Committee members till they hold their primary office.
    1. The ex-officio members are not bound to attend the research meetings. They can do so on their will or request by the president Research Advisory Committee for particular matter.
    2. Ex-officio members do not have a right to vote.


  1. Appointed Members of the Research cell are appointed by the Academic Council when a vacancy occurs.
    1. An appointed position becomes vacant automatically if the appointed member is absent without prior leave from three consecutive Research Advisory Committee meetings, or the appointed member loses his/her original qualification for appointment.
    2. The term of office of an appointed member is three years. Appointed members may stand for re-appointment.
    3. Only appointed members have a right vote in Research Advisory Committee decisions.
  1. The co-opted members are focal persons identified in individual basic, clinical and other departments for coordination of departmental research with institutional research committee
    1. They are appointed/charged by discretion of President Research Advisory Committee as and when need arises.
    2. The co-opted members do not have a right to vote.
    3. An appointed member can also act as a co-opted member from his or her department.
  2. The Undergraduate members Two undergraduate students from the senior most class will be nominated by the committee in consultation with class representative boys (CR) and Girls representative (GR).

Members of Committee

Ex-officio members:

  1. Principal Dental College HITEC-IMS 
  2. Vice Principal/Associate Dean

Appointed Members:

  1.  Dr. Shahreen Zahid Khan – Associate Professor & HOD of Dental Materials (President)
  2. Dr. Ambreen Gul – HOD Biochemistry (Vice President)
  3. Dr. Zerlis Nawaz – Dental Education (Secretary)
  4.  Dr. Faizan Munir Khan – HOD Dental Education
  5. Dr. Sohaib Siddique – Periodontology
  6. Dr. Maria Rabbani – Preventive and Dental Public Health
  7. Dr. Fatima tuz Zahra – Preventive and Dental Public Health

 Co:opted Members: (Focal Persons)

  1. Dr. Ambreen Gul — HOD Biochemistry
  2. Prof Dr. Rai Tariq — HOD Preventive and Dental Public Health
  3. Dr. Maryam Ahmed – Physiology
  4. Dr. Saman Malik – Oral Biology
  5. Dr. Faiqa Hassan – Oral Medicine
  6. Dr. Amna Riaz – Pediatric Dentistry
  7. Dr. Sharaz Ahmed – Operative Dentistry
  8. Dr. Waheed Ullah – Orthodontics
  9. Dr. Amir Rafiq — Prosthodontics
  10. Dr. Shazana Rana – Pharmacology
  11. Dr. Maryam Saeedullah – Dental Biomaterials
  12. Others from other disciplines as and when required.

Undergraduate members: (CR and GR of each class)

  1. Aima Kashif (Final Year)
  2.  Abdul Nafay Qazi (Final Year)
  3. Anas Nasir (3rd Year)
  4. Amna Ahmed (3rd Year)
  5.  Urwa Liaquat (2nd Year)
  6.  Muhammad Yahya (2nd Year)


The Research Committee will function as per the following rules.

  1. The Research Committee will meet at least five times per year or otherwise as required, in order to perform its functions.
  2. Any agenda points will reach secretary of the committee at least two weeks before scheduled meeting.
  3. Research Committee agenda will be distributed to members at least seven days prior to the meeting, or shorter period as is practicable in the circumstances.
  4. At any meeting of the committee, one half of the voting membership plus one constitutes a quorum.
  5. Research Committee may pass a resolution provided that the resolution has been approved by a simple majority of committee members at the time the resolution is made.
  6. Draft minutes will normally be circulated to members for comments promptly after each meeting. Next, the minutes (with any necessary changes) will be circulated for adoption by the Research Committee.
  7. The minutes not approved by the majority may be included in the agenda for the next committee meeting.
  8. Any policy matter will be presented at next Academic Council meeting for approval.
  9. If urgent need arises the President or any other nominee may discuss the minutes with competent authorities for approval.
  10. Public disclosure of minutes and other information received by the Research Advisory Committee should only be made via the President or Secretary to the committee.
  11. The Research Advisory Committee and its members may use technology including telephone, video-conferencing, tele presence, email and internet as arranged by the Chair and/or Secretary to the committee.
  12. Once annually the Research Advisory Committee shall devote part of one meeting to the review of its policies, practices and procedures over the preceding twelve months with Ex officio members (Principal of the Dental College).


  1. Development, implementation and evaluation of training module/program of research for faculty
  2. Development, Implementation and evaluation of journal club for both students and faculty as a strategy.
  3. Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to provide training to researchers for conducting ethical research.
  4. Maintaining a log of all research carried out, and papers published by the faculty and undergraduate students at Dental College HITEC-IMS .
  5. Development of a peer reviewed, high standard research journal of Dental College HITEC-IMS .