Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing teeth and associated structures with artificial substitute. It also involves the treatment of lost maxillofacial structures as well as management of patients with implant prosthesis. The department is responsible for pre-clinical and clinical teaching of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year BDS students. Faculty provides prosthodontics instructions to dental students and help to develop proficiency in diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of missing teeth using multiple prosthetic options.


  1. Prosthodontics clinical department.
  2. Prosthetic lab.
  3. Ceramic Lab.
  4. Plaster room.


To achieve academic excellence and professionalism in the art and science of prosthetic dentistry through comprehensive educational programs, clinical training, research projects in addition to rendering comprehensive prosthodontics treatment.

Faculty of Prosthodontics

Head of Department

Name : Dr. Aamir Rafiq

Designation : Associate  Prof. & Head of Department

Qualification : BDS, FCPS, CHPE


Sr.No Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Aamir Rafiq BDS, FCPS, CHPE Associate Prof. & Head of Department
2 Dr. Syeda Sameen Zehra FCPS, BDS, CHPE Asst Prof
3 Dr. M Abdul Muqeet BDS, FCPS, CHPE Senior Registrar
4 Dr. Naveed Ahmad BDS, CHPE Registrar
5 Dr. Uzair Riaz BDS Registrar
6 Dr. Amna Siraj BDS Registrar