Hostel accommodation is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The male and female hostels are separate. The hostel residents have to observe hostel rules and regulations. The students needing hostel accommodation have to intimate IMS Administration at the time of accepting the Admission Offer. Selected students, will be given a “Hostel Application Form”, along with an “Admission Confirmation Letter”. The necessary information regarding hostel rules/regulation, allied facilities, and hostel dues will be provided at the time of admission/joining hostel.


Admission Process

  1. Students will have to apply for hostel accommodation at the time of admission.
  2. Room allotment shall be done by the college student affairs department.
  3. Hostilities will not be allowed to interchange their room without prior written permission from the Student Affairs department/warden. The O/IC Student Affairs department / Warden has the right to shift any student from his/her room to another room in the hostel.
  4. Hostilities are required to submit a duly completed Personal Data Form along with the Local Guardian’s address, phone number, and Email of the student and parent to the student affairs department. They should also intimate if there will be any change in address/telephone number.
  5. Students will have to pay a security fee (Rs. 40,000/-) and hostel dues in two months’ advance (Rs. 40000/-) at the time of admission to the hostel.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. The Hostilities must keep their rooms, common areas, and surroundings clean.
  2. All the Hostelites are expected to follow the timings of the hostel.
  3. They must reach the hostel before 7.00 p.m. (9.00 p.m. in the summers). If any student wants to go home on weekends, holidays, or any other time, they must take prior permission from the Student Affairs department. (Or from the Warden in case of emergency)
  4. Any damage/breakage of the hostel items which includes furniture, electrical fixtures & other facilities will be charged heavy penalties.
  5. Any immoral activity conducted by the student in the hostel premises/rooms including drugs, alcohol, and other addictive narcotics will be sanctioned from the hostel and college with the maximum charge of suspension from the hostel and college.
  6. Cooking in the hostels/student’s room is strictly forbidden.
  7. Residents will be personally responsible for the safety of their belongings. Any expensive belongings cash, jewelry, Laptop, Mobile Phone, etc. should be kept in the lock. The room should be locked even when students are out for a short period.
  8. In case of any theft, it should be immediately reported to the hostel administration and student affairs department.
  9. Hostilities will be able to avail of the internet facility on self-payment.
  10. Monitors will be appointed by the student affairs department with the recommendation of the Warden to assist the hostel management for the maintenance of discipline and ensuring cleanliness in his/her wing.
  11. Any Issue or complaint regarding rooms, students, discipline cleanliness, food will be reported to the student affairs department and warden by the respective monitor. The monitors will be responsible for giving internet passwords and the collection of net bills.

SOPs for Complaints

  1. Students Affairs department is open to receive any complaint regarding hostel from hostelities and parents.
  2. Students should notify the Warden and fill in the complaint register for all routine maintenance works, to be carried out in their rooms.
  3. It is important that all complaints received by the Staff are acted on so that students, parents feel that their concerns are valued.
  4. The students can also approach the Student affairs department for assistance if they need guidance regarding any grievance.

SOPs for use of Electrical Appliances

  1. The use of electrical appliances such as immersion heaters, electric stove/heaters/electric iron is forbidden in any of the rooms. Students should use iron in an area that has been specified for ironing.
  2. Students can use only blowers and one rod electrical heaters only in the specified duration of winters.
  3. Electrical gadgets other than mobiles & laptops are not allowed in hostels will be confiscated and disposed off by the Warden.
  4. Students can avail of the laundry and ironing services which are provided by the hostel administration.
  5. Hostilities can take prior permission to use the Desert Coolers and air conditioners on self-payment. They will be charged electricity bills on the basis of units used on sub-meters.
  6. Students should switch off all the electrical appliances, lights, and fans when they will go out of the room. They must keep it locked (at all times). Violation will attract suitable penalties and punishment as decided by authorities.

Mess Rules

  1. The students should strictly adhere to the mess timings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. Students are not permitted to take food outside the mess. They cannot take mess utensils such as plates and spoons etc. to their rooms.
  3. No food will be served in the rooms of the hostel for any student unless one is sick.

SOPs for Medical Facility for Hostelites

  1. In case of serious illness of a hostelite, the warden will arrange for necessary medical checkups from the medical officer deputed at HIT hospital.
  2. In case of emergency, it shall be the duty warden to inform Parents and the O/IC student affairs department of necessary action advised by the medical officer.
  3. During the times of any medical emergency, an ambulance will be readily available to provide the facilitation en route to the hospital.

Permission for going out and visitation by Student Affairs Departments

  1. All leave applications for a day pass and availing weekend shall be submitted to the Student Affairs department to get the permission letter.
  2. A written application should be submitted to the student affairs department one day before going, intimating the number of days they are likely to be away.
  3. Permission will only be given by the student affairs department after taking consent from parents.
  4. Only parents or guardians (authorized visitors) are allowed to visit their daughter/wards in specified visiting time with the permission of the warden.
  5. Parents/Visitors are advised not to insist on entry beyond the designated area or visiting room as it shall disturb other students.
  6. Students are not allowed to leave hostel premises with the visitors without the approval of the warden and O/IC Student Affairs department.
  7. No guests are permitted to stay overnight in the students’ room.
  8. Students should not arrange for any picnic and recreational trip without specific permission given by student affairs. In case any recreational activity is planned students will submit the application to the student affairs department along with a consent form signed by parents.
  9. The students must take a leave pass from the warden before leaving the hostel and will enter their entry and exit timings in the gate register.
  10. Timings of hostel for the students to report back in summers are till 1900 hrs (8:00 PM) and in winters are till 1700 hrs (6:00 PM).
  11. In case of an accident or unanticipated incident en route to the hostel, students must inform the warden and student affairs department for the necessary action.