Oral Pathology


Oral pathology is the specialty of dentistry and discipline of pathology that deals with the nature, identification, and management of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial regions. In other words, oral pathology is the science that understands the causes and effects of these diseases. Common practices include clinical examinations, lab testing, and taking the whole body health and chemistry into consideration

Dental treatment is firmly grounded in the knowledge of oral pathology and other basic sciences. Pathological studies contribute to both the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. A sound knowledge of oral pathology and other related basic disciplines is essential for the rational practice of medicine and related health sciences.


To ensure that each student has an adequate knowledge base on the oral hard and soft tissue pathologies which is imperative for the successful practice of clinical dentistry.


The objective is to ensure that the students are able to:

  • To take and interpret a patient’s medical and dental history.
  • Examine and correlate the clinical picture of oral diseases with their histopathology.
  • To interpret pathological changes clinically and radiographically.
  • To rule out the diagnosis with the help of various histopathological structures and markers.
  • To differentiate between diseases having similar clinical picture with the help of histopathological features.

Faculty of Oral Pathology

Head of Department

Name : Dr. Azka Haroon

Designation : Associate Professor & Head of Department

Qualification: BDS, CHPE, M.Phil (Oral Pathology),


Other Faculty

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualifications
1. Dr. Rida Batool Demonstrator BDS
2. Dr. Ayesha Jabeen Demonstrator BDS