Oral Medicine



The Department of Oral diagnosis at Dental College HITEC- IMS, is specialty of dentistry that identifies the nature and cause of disease through evaluation of patient history, examination and review of lab data and various investigations. It consists of 4 dental units, 2 of them are placed inside dental hospital HITEC-IMS for treatment of patients within the vicinity of HIT, Taxila Cantt and 2 are placed in the OPD near Gate 5 to provide easy access for surrounding local patients.



The Department of Oral Medicine at  Dental College HITEC- IMS is specialty of dentistry that occupies a unique position in collaboration with rest of dental specialties. It addresses the nature; identification and management of diseases affecting oral and maxillofacial region. The subject of oral medicine is one of the subjects of dental sciences which is taught in the third year of BDS program.  It is a global leader in patient care, student education and research involving diagnosis and non-surgical management of diseases of the oro-facial complex, systemic and behavioral disorders that impact oral health of the community, including:

  • Oro-facial pain, including temporo-mandibular disorders (TMJ)
  • Mucosal diseases
  • Oral ulceration
  • Salivary dysfunction
  • Oral complications of systemic illness
  • Dental emergency care

Oral Medicine Department Vision And Mission


To educate and train dental students, to provide high quality patient care, including diagnosis and non-surgical management of oro-facial diseases.


  • Preparing a qualified graduate with logical and scientifically learning ability.
  • Developing students’ performance and improving their knowledge according to future scientific development.
  • Providing high quality patient service in parallel with a distinguished student education program.
  • Providing modern integrated teaching system for students.
  • Student’s clinical rotation is to promote appropriate treatment planning and to understand the role of oral and general health, hence facilitating appropriate and safe dental care for the patients.

Faculty of Oral Medicine

Head of Department

Name : Dr. Faiqa Hassan

Designation : Asst Prof. & Head of Department

Qualification : BDS, MCPS(Oral Surgery)


Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr. Faiqa Hassan BDS, MCPS(Oral Surgery) Asst Prof. & Head of Department
2. Dr. Amna Khan BDS, C-Endo Demonstrator
3. Dr. Hamza Amanat BDS, C-Implantology Demonstrator