Community Dentistry


Community Dentistry is a basic science subject taught in the Second Professional year of BDS. The main purpose of the teaching program is to give the concepts of Oral Epidemiology, Oral Health Promotion, Research and Behavior Sciences to under graduate students. It provides the future dentist with the skillsets necessary to care for a community as well as individuals within the community. Through our teaching program and community service we continue to meet this challenge.


The Department is dedicated to develop a generation of health care professionals that understand the community context in disease treatment and prevention and strive for sustainable oral health policies.


  • The community dentistry department of the Dental College HITEC- institute of medical sciences is dedicated to provide thorough knowledge, skills and guidance for undergraduate dental students about the subject.
  • To create a platform for the students through our community outreach programs, enabling them and instilling in them the confidence which will promote learning and a love for the subject, and impart in them the sense of community service.

Faculty of Community Dentistry

Head of Department

Name : Dr. Maria Rabbani

Designation : Assistant Professor & Head of Department

Qualification : BDS, MPH, CHPE


Sr. No. Name Designation Qualifications
1. Dr. Maria Rabbani Assistant Professor & Head of Department BDS, MPH, CHPE
2. Dr Amna Faisal Demonstrator BDS
3. Dr. Naufal Nadeem Demonstrator BDS