General Pathology


General Pathology is a basic science that is a fundamental part of medical and dental education.

The subject of General Pathology is taught in the second year of BDS program. The teaching hours for various disciplines of the subject matter are in accordance with the recommendations of Pakistan Medical Commission and National University of Medical Sciences.


The General Pathology department of the Dental College at HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences is dedicated to provide a thorough knowledge and guidance for second year undergraduate dental students. Our mission is to equip the students with all the necessary knowledge of this core basic pathology science which is pertinent for their successful advancement towards subsequent years. Our primary objective would be to ensure that each student has an adequate knowledge base of basic general pathology which is imperative for the better understanding of different pathologies.


The objective is to ensure that the students are able to;

  • To take and interpret a patient’s medical and dental history.
  • Examine and correlate the clinical picture of diseases with their histopathology.
  • To interpret pathological changes clinically and radiographically.
  • To rule out the diagnosis with the help of various histopathological structures and markers.
  • To differentiate between diseases having similar clinical picture with the help of histopathological features.

Available Facilities

  • Well-trained and dedicated Faculty
  • Well-equipped teaching labs
  • Tutorial Room
  • State of art Museum

Faculty of General Pathology

Head of Department

Name : Dr. Sadia Israr

Designation :  HOD & Assistant Professor

Qualification : MBBS, M.Phil


Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation
1. Dr. Sadia Israr MBBS, M.Phil HOD & Assistant Professor
2. Dr. Fareeha Aleem BDS Demonstrator
3. Dr. Jaweria Islam BDS Demonstrator