Reward Policy

Publications will be eligible for reward only when:-

  1. Published under the name of Dental College HITEC-IMS.
  2. Once published and hard/soft copy of the published article available. (Letter of acceptances will not qualify for the reward).
  3. Financial reward will be granted to the first author only.

How to apply for a Research Reward

To apply for a research award faculty members are requested to:

  1. Write an application addressed to the Head of Research Cell.
  2. Attach a hard copy of their published article along with their application.


a. Publication in Impact factor. Rs.  20,000/-  to be paid to 1st author.
b. IMS Journals. Rs.  10,000/- (1st three articles Certificate to 1stauthor will be awarded)
c. HEC/PMC recognized Journal. Initially Rs.  5000/- will be awarded for PMC/HEC journals. This will be revised later.


List of Rewards

S# Name Article Journal
Reward Amount
1. Dr. Rabbia Shabbir ‘’Significance or iron deficiency in recurrent aphthous stomatitis patients’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000
2. Dr. Ayesha Haq ‘’Effect on academic performance by learning online through 3D anatomy atlas versus 2D presentations’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000
3. Dr. Irfan Shah ‘’Management of Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial trauma in the emergency room’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000
4. Dr. Sadaf Mumtaz ‘’Assessment of knowledge, perceptions and perceived risk concerning COVID 19 in Pakistan’’ Impact Factor Rs. 10000
5. Dr. Sadaf Mumtaz ‘’Comparing the preventive behavior of medical students and physicians in the era of COVID-19: Novel medical problems demand novel curricular interventions’’ Impact Factor Rs. 10000
6. Dr. Eisha Imran ‘’Significance of Haptic and Virtual Reality Simulation (VRS) in the Dental Education: A Review of Literature’’ Impact Factor Rs. 10000
7. Dr. Syeda Sameen Zehra ‘’Prevalence of Tooth wear among adult population suffering from Diabetes Mellitus- Presenting in a tertiary care hospital of Taxila Cantt: A Descriptive Study HEC Category Rs. 5000
8. Dr. Syeda Sameen Zehra ‘’Evaluation of Mean Vertical Distance between Mesidal Incisal Edge of Maxillary Central Incisors and Incisive Papilla in Various Arch forms of Patients’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000
9. Dr. Ayesha Haque ‘’Gestational Hyperglycemia, its implications and values’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000
10. Dr. Ayesha Haque ‘’Effect of Integrated sessions of anatomy and physiology on academic performance: A pilot study’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000
11. Dr. Ayesha Haque ‘’Perceptions of faculty teaching anatomy online during COVID-19. A Qualitative Study’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000
12. Dr. Sadaf Mumtaz ‘’Evaluating critical Appraisal skills by introducing journal clubs to preclinical dental students using the assessing competency in evidence based medicine (ACE) Tool through Pre and Post testing’’ IMS Rs. 10000
13. Dr. Maryam Ahmad ‘Self-Assessment of critical thinking and active learning in undergraduate dental students using flipped classroom technique and journal clubs’’ HEC Category Rs. 5000