Science of Dental Materials provides the fundamental foundation for both basic sciences and clinical dentistry. It is a core subject in the undergraduate dental curriculum and teaching. The modern era necessitates the need for comprehensive knowledge and technical usage of different materials and devices in dentistry.

The Dental Material department of the dental college at HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences is dedicated to providing thorough knowledge and guidance for second-year undergraduate dental students. Our mission is to equip the students with all the necessary knowledge of this core basic dental science which is pertinent for their successful advancement towards subsequent years. Our primary objective would be to ensure that each student has an adequate knowledge base of the dental materials which is imperative for the successful practice of clinical dentistry.


  • Introduce different materials and instruments to future dentists with an aspiration of helping them in getting a translational step when they step into their clinical practice.
  • Enable aspiring dentists to acquire critical skills to evaluate and select dental materials on the basis of their properties and structure such as restorative, endodontic, and impression materials.
  • Facilitate students to attain an elementary understanding of the clinical dental practice to promote a better understanding of the application of dental materials in clinical environments.


Name : Dr. Maryam Saeedullah

Email : maryamkhan2707@gmail.com

Designation : Head of Department

Qualification : BDS, M.Phil (Dental Materials)

Name Email Designation Qualifications
Dr. Palwasha Khattak palwashakhattak24@gmail.com Demonstrator BDS
Dr. Eisha Imran eishaimran@ymail.com Demonstrator BDS, M.Phil (Dental Materials)