Student’s sports week year 2024

  • February 26, 2024 - 9:00am

HITEC IMS and Dental college show cased a vibrant and energetic celebration of athleticism, competitiveness and determination in students sports week in the month of February. The opening ceremony kicked off with an inspiring speech by president sports week, motivating students to give their best and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. Various competitions were held, encompassing a wide range of sports such as football, basket ball, cricket, table tennis, athletics and dramatics. Inter class competitions between dental, medical and paramedical students allowed them to come together, presenting their skills and fostering a sense of unity and team work. The atmosphere was electric and the weather was pleasant making sports week an amazing and exciting experience for the students as well as for the faculty who enjoyed the sports week activities with students. Dental college team D-2 won the “champion’s trophy” of the year. In closing ceremony medals and certificates were awarded to the winners and runner ups and recognition was given to all the participants for their efforts and enthusiasm.


  • Start Date:February 26, 2024
  • Start Time:9:00am
  • End Date:March 1, 2024
  • End Time:4:00pm
  • Location:HITEC