Dental College

Research Achievements

(High Impact Factor Publications in International Journals)

1. Chaudhary FA, Ahmad B, Ahmad P, Khalid MD, Butt DQ, Khan SQ. Concerns, perceived impact, and preparedness of oral healthcare workers in their working environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. J. Occup. Health. 2020;62:e12168. (Impact factor: 2.28)

2. Chaudhary, F.A., Ahmad, B. and Bashir, U., 2019. Dental health status and oral health behaviors of patients with facial burn-in Pakistan. BMC Oral Health, 19(1), p.127. (Impact factor: 2.39)

3. Chaudhary, F.A., Ahmad, B., Butt, D.Q., Hameed, S. and Bashir, U., 2019. The cultural adaptation and validation of an Urdu version of the Satisfaction with Appearance Scale (SWAP-U) for Pakistani burn patients. Burns Open. (Impact factor: 2.31)

4. Chaudhary FA, Ahmad B, Butt DQ, Hameed S, Bashir U. Normal range of maximum mouth opening in Pakistani population: A cross-sectional study. J Int Oral Health 2019; 12:112-7. (Index in Scopus)

5. Haque, A., Mumtaz, S., Khattak, O., Mumtaz, R. and Ahmed, A., 2020. Comparing the preventive behavior of medical students and physicians in the era of COVID‐19: Novel medical problems demand novel curricular interventions. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. (Impact factor: 0.92)

6. Latif, R., Mumtaz, S., Al Sheikh, M.H., Chathoth, S., and Nasser Al Naimi, S., 2020. Effects of Turmeric on Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Mental Health, and Serum Homocysteine in Overweight, Obese Females. Alternative therapies in health and medicine. (Impact factor: 1.32)

Academic Achievements

Students of 1st BDS Professional Examination Session

  • 2018-19 scored 18 distinctions with a passing ratio of 97.9 %.

Top students result

Name Roll No. Total Marks out of 800 Position Remarks
Arooba Mehmood 30158 700 Ist Distinction
Laiba Taimoor Shafiq 30170 676 2nd Distinction
Sana Irfan 30138 674 3rd Distinction