Dental College

Research Achievements

(High Impact Factor Publications in International Journals)

Malik, Z., Muhammad, N., Kaleem, M., Nayyar, M., Qazi, A. S., Butt, D. Q., & Khan, A. S. (2023). Anticariogenic and Mechanical Characteristics of Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Cement Containing Lignin-Decorated Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles. ACS Applied Bio Materials6(2), 425-435. (Impact factor: 4.7)

Nawaz, Z., & Mahboob, U. (2023). Teaching attentive listening to medical students: need and strategies. JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association73(5), 1076-1078. (Impact factor: 0.67)

Rizvi, S. S. Z., Ahmed, N., Rafiq, A., Khan, A., & Rahim, T. (2023). Evaluation of microbial plaque on the intaglio surface of a heat cured acrylic maxillary removable complete denture. Rawal Medical Journal48(4), 948-948. (Impact factor: 0.21)

Saeed, A., Zahid, S., Sajid, M., Ud Din, S., Alam, M. K., Chaudhary, F. A., … & Abutayyem, H. (2022). Physico-mechanical properties of commercially available tissue conditioner modified with synthesized chitosan oligosaccharide. Polymers14(6), 1233. (Impact factor: 4.19)

Al-Mshari, A., AlSheikh, M. H., Latif, R., Mumtaz, S., Albaker, W., & Al-Hariri, M. (2022). Association of sleep, body weight and physical exercise with plasma BDNF levels in healthy male Saudi smokers. International Journal of General Medicine15, 6603. (Impact factor: 2.145)

Khurshid, H., Mumtaz, R., Alvi, N., Haque, A., Mumtaz, S., Shafait, F., … & Dengel, A. (2022). Bacterial prediction using internet of things (IoT) and machine learning. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment194(2), 133. (Impact factor: 3.307)

Ashfaq, Z., Rafay, A., Mumtaz, R., Zaidi, S. M. H., Saleem, H., Zaidi, S. A. R., … & Haque, A. (2022). A review of enabling technologies for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Ecosystem. Ain Shams Engineering Journal13(4), 101660. (Impact factor: 4.7)

Al-Mshari, A., AlSheikh, M. H., Latif, R., Mumtaz, S., Albaker, W., & Al-Hariri, M. (2022). Impact of smoking intensities on sleep quality in young Saudi males: a comparative study. Journal of Medicine and Life15(11), 1392. (Impact factor: 1.7)

Chaudhary FA, Ahmad B, Ahmad P, Khalid MD, Butt DQ, Khan SQ. Concerns, perceived impact, and preparedness of oral healthcare workers in their working environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. J. Occup. Health. 2020;62:e12168. (Impact factor: 2.28)

Chaudhary, F.A., Ahmad, B. and Bashir, U., 2019. Dental health status and oral health behaviors of patients with facial burn-in Pakistan. BMC Oral Health, 19(1), p.127. (Impact factor: 2.39)

Chaudhary, F.A., Ahmad, B., Butt, D.Q., Hameed, S. and Bashir, U., 2019. The cultural adaptation and validation of an Urdu version of the Satisfaction with Appearance Scale (SWAP-U) for Pakistani burn patients. Burns Open. (Impact factor: 2.31)

Chaudhary FA, Ahmad B, Butt DQ, Hameed S, Bashir U. Normal range of maximum mouth opening in Pakistani population: A cross-sectional study. J Int Oral Health 2019; 12:112-7. (Index in Scopus)

Haque, A., Mumtaz, S., Khattak, O., Mumtaz, R. and Ahmed, A., 2020. Comparing the preventive behavior of medical students and physicians in the era of COVID‐19: Novel medical problems demand novel curricular interventions. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. (Impact factor: 0.92)

Latif, R., Mumtaz, S., Al Sheikh, M.H., Chathoth, S., and Nasser Al Naimi, S., 2020. Effects of Turmeric on Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Mental Health, and Serum Homocysteine in Overweight, Obese Females. Alternative therapies in health and medicine. (Impact factor: 1.32)

Academic Achievements

Students of BDS Professional Examination Result

Position Holders (Batch 1) Session 2018-19 Name Position Marks Percentage
1. Arooba Mehmood 1st Position 1016/1200 84.66
2.  Sadia Usman 2nd Position 981/1200 81.75
3. Monal Fatima 3rd Position 959/1200 79.91
  • 2018-19 scored 18 distinctions with a passing ratio of 97.9 %.


Position Holders (Batch 2) Session 2019-20 Name Position Marks Percentage
1. Abdul Nafay Qazi 1st Position 967/1200 80.58
2. Fatima Faheem Mirza 2nd Position 949/1200 79.08
3. Minahil Khurram 3rd Position 910/1200 75.83
4. Marrium Amin 3rd Position 910/1200 75.83


Position Holders (Batch 3) Session 2020-21 Name Position Marks Percentage
1. Shabih Zahra 1st Position 766/900 85.11
2. Rabia Khalid 2nd Position 761/900 84.55
3. Huda Habib 3rd Position 757/900 84.11


Position Holders (Batch 4) Session 2021-22 Name Position Marks Percentage
1. Noor Fatima 1st Position 823/1000 82.3%
2. Sara Hassan 2nd Position 810/1000 81%
3. Inshrah Zaheer 2nd Position 810/1000 81%
4. Aiman Khan 3rd Position 804/1000 80.4%