Visit to Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology

  • March 29, 2023 - 8:30am

Visit to Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology by Principal Dr. Irfan Shah Dental College HITEC-IMS

An oral health awareness seminar was conducted at Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology as part of world oral health day campaign by Dental College HITEC-Institute of Medical Sciences:

The visit was arranged by Dr. Shahreen Zahid to ensure the accomplishment of Principal Dr. Irfan Shah’s vision regarding oral health awareness. The seminar was led by the Principal HITEC-IMS, Dr Irfan Shah and Dr. Shahreen Zahid Khan. It was also attended by Dr. Zuleikha Malik from the department of Dental Materials. The HITEC-IMS team arrived at 10.20 am.  A series of lectures were presented by Dr Shahreen Zahid and Dr Irfan Shah from 11.15-1.00pm which were attended by the faculty and students of Biomedical department at PAF-IST. The theme of Dr. Shahreen’s lecture was to create awareness about oral hygiene and to provide an overview about the facilities available at the Dental Hospital, HITEC-IMS. Dr Irfan Shah focused mainly on prevalence and prevention of Oral Cancer. He also discussed the possibility of collaboration between the two institutions in different areas. He emphasized that the visit has one basic reason which is serving the community and spreading the rightful awareness regarding the prevention of oral diseases and cancer. Effective student participation was observed in the Q/A session with particular interest in treatment and prevention modalities. Interdisciplinary alliance was conferred between researchers and faculty members of both institutes.

A formal meeting was held between the HITEC-IMS team and the Rector PAF-IST Prof Dr Mujahid, CEO Biomedical Sciences Dr. Fazal Wahab and Head of Material Sciences Dr Aftab. The meeting focused on strengthening research collaboration between biomaterials and biomedical departments. Also, the members of PAF-IST ensured that modern equipment present at the facility was accessible for research and learning of HITEC students. Conduction of Faculty development courses was also suggested. Principal Dr Irfan Shah warranted that Dental College was open for the faculty and students of PAF-IST for quality and cost-effective dental treatments. It was agreed that a formal MOU would be signed in the coming months.

Towards the end, a general visit of all the laboratories of biomedical department was conducted to evaluate the future research prospects. Modern imaging techniques included confocal microscopy and reflective microscopy. Well-equipped tissue engineering labs were also present along with mechanical testing apparatuses.

With special thanks to the respected Rector PAF-IST Prof. Dr. Mujahid and faculty members of PAF-IST, The HITEC-IMS team concluded the visit around 2.30 pm.



  • Start Date:March 29, 2023
  • Start Time:8:30am
  • End Date:March 29, 2023
  • End Time:3:00pm